Why did you choose this sport ?
I love extreme sports since im a kid and this sport was exactly what i m looking to do in the future.
Greatest achievement and results ?
5th of the french championship for my first year in junior classSelected to represent France at the 2016 world championship

Top 10 european junior men 2016 ( before the injury)

South west championship 2015 junior men champion

Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
Never stop improvingBe in the top 10 french elite men

Make it at least to the quarter and semi at the next world cups this fall 2016

What is your life as an athlete in 3 or 4 words ?

Motivation, pleasure, dreaming

Extra activities ?

Music, piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele.




Why use XtremeMac products ?

To protect my iPhone, they do all you need for your phone and tablet !

Your links to social networks  ?

Facebook: eddy clerte

Instagram eddyclerte63

Snapchat: clerteeddy

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