Why did you choose this sport ?
I discovered this sport during a show with top riders of the discipline when I was a child. At this time I already rode a bike and I decided I wanted to try the same thing I enjoyed to watch. Since then this sport brought me all over the country to show off !
Greatest achievement and results ?
The craziest thing that I did was when I rode for Koxx. I jumped down from a step of 4m50 and honestly it is really big
Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
My purpose is to make always more shows to help people discover great this sport. Of course always take more and more pleasure on my bike.

What is your life as an athlete in 3 or 4 words ?

shows , extreme , passion , dream

Extra activities ?

snowscoot , training with my friends …..


Why use XtremeMac products ?

I like Apple products and XtremeMac products match them all. XtremeMac products reach my expectations as well as has my lifestyle and ride



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