Why did you choose this sport ?

Supercross / Freestyle

When I was 7, my dad and brother got bikes. I wanted to do do whatever my big brother wanted to do, so when he got a bike that’s instantly what I wanted to do.

Greatest achievement and results ?
Qualifying for a supercross night show.
Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
? I want to have a success supercross season by making multiple nights shows. After racing I want to learn more tricks for freestyle.df

What is your life as an athlete in 3 or 4 words ?

Dedicated and I refuse to quit


Extra activities ?

editor, coach, … nothing outside of dirt bike. I enjoy working on dirt bikes and building project type bikes.


Why use XtremeMac products ?

? I just started using all of the products and am so amped on all the features that come with all the products.

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