Greatest achievement and results ?
Le mans 24 day Winner x3.


Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
WIN le mans 24 hours  2 more Times !df


What is your life as an athlete in 3 or 4 words ?
Training, Sleeping, Family, Office, Race, Friends.


Extra activities ?
Editor, coach, singer,… I’m doing a lot of Biking on road off road, motorbike enduro and openned a chalet for athletes for altitude training camps !


Why use XtremeMac products ?
I do a lot of extreme sport and move a lot around the world but I always need to be in touch with my team so I need to protect and charge my phone laptop etc… everywhere.


Your « must have » in your suitcase when you travel ?
My book, my MacBook Air, my phone passport, my credit card, my licenses, my racing earplugs my team and racing pass my Garmin and all the Chargers cables etc…


Your links to social networks ?
@benoittreluyer for Instagram & Twitter,